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San Jerónimo Miacatlán

San Jerónimo Miacatlán


San Jerónimo Miacatlán is on the slopes of the Milpa Alta Valley. Just east of Villa Milpa Alta, it’s a Pueblo Originario, too. The even smaller town of San Agustín Ohtenco, often considered a neighborhood of Villa Milpa Alta, is between the two. The town is divided by several ravines, the most significant called Tlauhcomolco. And this already tells you much of the character and history of the town.

San Jerónimo was early on relocated somewhat down the side of the mountain to what is today known as “Sanjerónimo Zolco.” At the same time, the residents of San Francisco Tecozpan were also moved and together these two people constituted the congregation.

Today, the town is well-known today for being home to the second and larger of the two FARO Milpa Alta branches. Still, San Jerónimo is a dynamic little town centered around a fantastic 16th century church. The bell tower dates from the 17th century. In the Franciscan style, the San Jerónimo Church was declared a historical monument in 1932. But it’s the FARO that provides the town’s namesake today. Offering valuable classes and workshops for people who travel from all over the region to study here, it’s locally staffed and operated.

Courses include Náhuatl language skills, plus printmaking, dance, and visual arts courses. And that’s just the beginning. A trip to San Jerónimo Miacatlán should include a stop here, or at the market.

  • The Mercado de Miacatlán is about two blocks east of the church and town center, at #11 Calle Cuauhtémoc.


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San Francisco Tecoxpa

Nearest at 0.43 kms.

San Agustín Ohtenco, Milpa Alta

Nearest at 0.66 kms.


Nearest at 1.6 kms.

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