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Plaza Hidalgo, Coyoacán

Photo: Carmalvi on Wikimedia Commons

The Plaza Hidalgo is the other major plaza in downtown Coyoacán. It’s right on the corner of the Jardín Centenario. Together, the two plazas form what residents consider the neighborhood’s central parks. This plaza serves as the entrance garden to Coyoacán’s administrative buildings located immediately to its north. Sometimes called the Casa de Cortés, these buildings are also important historical sites.

The Kiosco in the center of the plaza was donated in 1900 by Mexican President Porfirio Díaz. This was to commemorate the centennial of Mexican Independence. The kiosk is noted for its 16 stained glass windows and bronze republican eagle. It’s also a popular meeting place. The shouting figure of Miguel Hidalgo (pictured), is the work of sculptor Luis Arias and was placed here in 1980. The plaza is also known for a three-figure wooden sculpture, La Familia, by Antonio Álvarez Portugal y Josué.

The Plaza Hidalgo often hosts events related to the life and culture of the area. These include the Day of the Dead celebrations, the traditional tamale fair and the Grito de Independencia on September 15.

Of course, the plaza is convenient to most of the Coyoacán Historic Center. Nearby are the church and the old monastery of San Juan Bautista. The  Parque Frida Kahlo, and the beloved Conchita church are just a few blocks to the south.

capital bus southThe Capital Bus Center-South Route is on the eastern end of the Plaza Hidalgo. The stop, called Coyoacán Centro, has buses stopping near the three-way intersection of calles Allende, Hidalgo, and Caballocalco.  Buses continue from here to Viveros and San Ángel.

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