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Faro Cultural y Recreativo Iztacalco

The Faro Cultural y Recreativo Iztacalco is a cultural and community center in Mexico City’s east in the Colonia Agrícola Oriental. While it operates as something of daycare center, kids aren’t just dumped to sit in front of the TV. The schedule of classses and organized activities is nothing short of staggering.

At 15,000 square meters, it’s a giant, mostly outdoor rec center. Kids, and grown-ups, come for an interactive library, arts forum, three playgrounds, and a major covered outdoor fitness center. Residents come in for the jogging track, ball courts, skate park, Internet room, video projection room, reading room and an outdoor stage and performance center. There’s also an exhibitions gallery where presentations focus on the local community, history, biodiversity and ecology.

Faro, the Spanish word for lighthouse, comes from Pháros, the Greek name for the island outside of the ancient port of Alexandria in Egypt. In Mexico though, it’s come to stand for “Fabrica de Artes y Oficios,”  that is, “arts and skills factory.” But of course, the symbolism of the lighthouse of learning makes it all the more apt.

The Faro Cultural y Recreativo Iztacalco has come to be something of a beacon for the community. It also serves neighboring residents in northeastern Iztapalapa and the surrounding areas. The schedule of events, classes, workshops, and opportunities is always loaded. And as one of the densely populated area’s only garden areas, it’s also popular just for getting your feet on some grass.

Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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