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Ex Fabrica de Harinas
Photo: copyright 2022 Carlos Torres, used with permission.

The ExFabrica de Harinas is a vibrant reclaimed industrial site on the edges of both historic Tacuba and the giant Parque Bicentenario. It’s probably technically a little shopping mall. But dressed up as it is, it’s a major graffiti and street art exhibition space, selfie-indulgence spot, and influencer magnet. The ExFabrica also hosts a rather secretive rock-club, and a video games museum. There’s also a good smattering of independent shops, a café, and a pizzeria.

The fact that it’s all housed in a giant and luxuriously gnarly former grain warehouse, with attendant looming silos, just makes it that much more interesting. Roughly a ten-minute walk from Metro Tacuba, don’t get scared off by the fact that much of that walk is beneath Tacuba’s infamous west-side highway overpasses. There are a lot of them too. Imagine snaking railroads through here too. It’s a little easier from, and closer to, Metro Refinería. But don’t skip out at seeing a little more of Tacuba. It’s classic old-school.

The ExFabrica, literally just “ex-factory,” is a bright spot in a corner of the city that just eked through the  20th century. Today, the whole area is on the re-bound. And while the complex is still just getting on its feet, its worth a visit for pure spirit and seemingly endless selfie-backgrounds.

How to get here
  • Primavera 106, Col. Ángel Zimbrón, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo, 02099 CDMX


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