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Embassy of South Africa

South African Embassy Mexico City
Photo: Aquintero82 on Wikimedia Commons

The Embassy of South Africa is just off the park in Mexico City’s Polanco neighborhood. The embassy also serves as Consular headquarters for other countries in Central America.

Both Mexico and South Africa are members of the G-20 major economies, the Group of 24, and the United Nations. But the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries is relatively short. Mexico steadfastly opposed South Africa’s apartheid policy at the United Nations and military interventions in Angola, Namibia, and Rhodesia, (today’s Zimbabwe). None of that made diplomacy easy.

But both nations finally established diplomatic missions in each other’s capitals. The 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations was celebrated in 2019. Foreign Undersecretary, Julián Ventura Valero, visited South Africa to mark the occasion.

  • The street is named for Andrés de Jesús María y José Bello López (1781–1865). He was a Venezuelan-Chilean humanist, diplomat, poet, legislator, philosopher, educator, and philologist. His works in politics and literature continued to influence South American culture throughout the 19th century.

Today Mexico City recognizes the continual contribution and input of visitors from South Africa. They make an important part of the overall profile of visitors to the Mexican capital.

The Embassy of South Africa, on Andres Bello street, is just across from the Winston Churchill Garden.

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