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Jardín Winston Churchill

jardin winston churchill
Photo: SEDEMA-Enrique Abe.

The Jardín Winston Churchill is named for the much-loved sculpture of British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The statue was a gift from the Government of the United Kingdom in 1974. It was intended as a symbol of the friendship and shared cultural values between the two nations.

The statue was placed permanently in the park formerly known as “El Mexicanito.” It’s directly in front of the National Auditorium. The sculpture was the work of Croatian-English sculptor, Oscar Nemon. He’s best known today for his many portrait sculptures of Churchill whom he’d met in 1951.

The project to re-do the park involved the Mexico City government with support from the British community in the City. Today the garden is broadly considered part of Chapultepec Park. It does have a distinct and different flavor from the many other parts of the larger park. Perhaps it’s enough to point out that a major figure like Churchill can pass the days all but unnoticed on his own rather serene corner of the avenue.

The Jardín Winston Churchill is a vital stretch of the Paseo de la Reforma corridor. But it also acts a buffer between busy Polanco and the more quiet corners of park.

How to get here
  • Esquina con Arquímedes, Av. Paseo de la Reforma, Polanco, 11550 CDMX


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