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Embassy of Poland in Mexico City

Embassy of Poland in Mexico City
Photo: Ambasada RP w Meksyku / Embajada de la República de Polonia en México,

The Embassy of Poland in Mexico City is well out of the regular embassy districts in Polanco and Lomas de Chapultepec. But set in always-charming San Ángel, the Polish Embassy is coincidentally on the Calle Cracovia. It’s also close to the Avenida Insurgentes Sur.

In 2018, the two countries celebrated 90 years of official diplomatic relations. That commemorated the 1928 beginning of formal relations, but President Álvaro Obregón had recognized the country of Poland at its foundation in 1921.

Both Mexico and Poland have been signatories to a number of important bilateral agreements. Mexico’s Free Trade Agreement with the European Union began in 1997 and Poland became a member in 2004. Since then, trade between the two countries has continued to expand. Numerous important businesses from Mexico operate in Poland and vice-versa.

In Mexico, the influence of Polish immigrants and nationals has a long and deep history. Perhaps the most well-known Polish-born intellectual has been the journalist and writer Elena Poniatowska. But the list of significant Poles in Mexican cultural life is not  a short one.

The Embassy of Poland also provides consular services to Polish citizens in Mexico and Costa Rica. You should make an appointment by email.

Consular service hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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