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Baga ’06

Photos ©2023 courtesy of Baga ’06

Baga ’06 is a contemporary art gallery in the Guadalupe Inn neighborhood, just off of Insurgentes Sur. Opened just in 2018, the gallery consolidated around a group of Mexican and international artists. It’s the brainchild of artist and interior designer, Herminia Álvarez.

Álvarez took a degree in Interior Design from the Universidad Motolinía in 1959, but quickly made painting into a fundamental part of her creative development. Characterized by an astute use of geometry and color, she’s exhibited widely in the United States and Europe.

The stable of artists put together by Álvarez and gallery director, Matilde Pérez Grau, include those working in painting, photography, sculpture, illustration, installation, and more. The look is often brash. But the gallery also leans toward design with many represented artists following dual trajectories.

Baga ’06 is recognized for the unique space and for a strong commitment to younger collectors. Frequent hosts of educational and art-experience events, the gallery has participated in a number of international art fairs and exhibitions including some of those held in Mexico City.

The gallery also helps to extend the San Angel area‘s cultural and artistic offering northward, here into Guadalupe Inn. Visitors will often take in the nearby Carrillo Gil Museum and the Museo de el Carmen in the same afternoon.

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Embassy of Poland in Mexico City

Nearest at 0.18 kms.

Plaza Inn

Nearest at 0.23 kms.

Carrillo Gil Art Museum

Nearest at 0.24 kms.

La Lonja Ligera

Nearest at 0.1 kms.

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