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Plaza Inn

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Plaza Inn Guadalupe Inn


The Plaza Inn on Insurgentes is an early shopping and business office complex. Built in the 1980s, it’s still a surprisingly vibrant shopping environment. The combination of indoor and outdoor retail spaces is unique. Perhaps more so is the inclusion of independent and non-franchised tenants. That makes for a curious and altogether different kind of shopping experience. 

Lacking an anchor, the complex seems to rely more on captive office workers. And they’re here. The mall has been going strong for decades even at the cost of the occasional “so eighties” barb.  It’s especially popular as a lunch hub. The website lists some 20+ eating and drinking establishments. 

For Insurgentes Sur, the Plaza Inn is a significant landmark. There’s a lot more floor space than one might imagine from outside. And this arranged over a number of different levels, both inside and outside. The curly-Q stair case (shown) is just one of ways to get up and down.

The complex also in a nice position for passengers on Metrobús Line 1. The station Altavista is practically out front.

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