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Avenida Fénix, Gran Canal Linear Park

The Parque Lineal Gran Canal “Avenida Fénix” was the third stage in the northward development of the Gran Canal Linear Park. The completion of the third stage coincided with the renaming of the entire park. The Avenida Fénix name reflects the long history of the canal as it was abandoned, and later entirely derelict. Today it has re-emerged as one of Mexico City’s most successful urban redevelopment projects.

Stage Three of the Parque Lineal Avenida Fenix park include about 9 hectares. It brought the entire park to the very northern border of the Venustiano Carranza Alcaldía.  Plans call for it to continue even further north. But for now, residents in the surrounding dozen-or-so neighborhoods enjoy recreation and sports facilities, dog runs, and places for kids. There’s lot of nature, and the overall design was nominated for the Mies Crown Hall America Award for innovative design.

It’s also part of a major reforestation project aimed at cooling city temperatures and improving ground water renewal. Fourth and fifth stages of the park may extend it all the way to the Bosque de San Juan de Aragón. For now, it’s a well and very extensive stretch of green recreational and forest land that makes this corner of the City a lot more liveable. These uppermost regions of the park are easily accessed from Metro R. Flores Magón or Eduardo Molina.

How to get here
  • Colonia 5o Tramo 20 de Noviembre, Alc. Venustiano Carranza, 15420 CDMX


Metro Eduardo Molina

Nearest at 0.43 kms.

Gandhi Monument

Nearest at 0.48 kms.

Mercado Romero Rubio

Nearest at 0.60 kms.


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