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Metro Eduardo Molina

Photo: Dge on Wikimedia Commons


Metro Eduardo Molina is another of the stations on the Circuito Interior highway. It makes up the border between the Venustiano Carranza and Gustavo A. Madero alcaldías. To the north is the La Malinche neighborhood of La GAM, and to the south is the neighborhood of 20 de noviembre.

The station name also applies to a major avenue running north-south across both alcaldías.

  • The Avenida Eduardo Molina begins at the Calzada de Zaragosa and ends only at the Rio de los Remedios in the neighborhood of Nueva Atzacoalco. That’s at the Mexico State border on the north of Gustavo A Madero where it meets Ecatepec.
  • Eduardo Molina (1892-1980) was an engineer, educated at UNAM. In 1956, he was appointed to direct a massive project to divert to Lerma River in Mexico State. The project, still in use, was such a success that the avenue (Axis 3 Oriente) and the Metro station were named for him.
  • The station logo derives from Diego Rivera‘s mural, El agua, origen de la vida (Water, the origin of life). The full mural is visible in the Cárcamo Museum, the capstone to the Lerma River diversion project. It’s in Chapultepec Park, Section 2.
  • Metrobús Line 5 transits the entire length of Avenida Eduardo Molina.
  • Metro Eduardo Molina is between two major north-south avenues. To the east is the old Grand Canal. That’s a waterworks project from a century earlier. The City is currently converting the old Canal to a linear park intended to transverse both alcaldías, too.
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