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Santa Juanita Park

parque santa juanita
Photo: Alcaldia Venstiano Carranza

The Santa Juanita Park is a complex of parks and recreation areas all newly rehabbed in 2020. The complex includes, most prominently, the Plaza Cívica y Recreativa “Santa Juanita.” The Parque 20 de noviembre, and the Parque Francisco Javier Mujica are contiguous. It’s all situated surrounding the Mercado Santa Juanita which was also dramatically remodeled in 2021. The giant Santa Juanita church complex which lends its name to the area is just to the southeast of the park and market area.

  • Francisco José Múgica Velázquez (1884-1954), was a General during the Mexican Revolution. He became supporter of the Constitution of 1917 and later governor of the states of Tabasco and Michoacán. Under President Lázaro Cárdenas, he ran the Ministries of the National Economy and Communications and Public Works. He’s likely best-remembered for having written the statement read by President Cárdenas justifying the nationalization Mexico’s petroleum industry in 1938.
  • The larger 20 de noviembre neighborhood (and the park here) are named for the day commemorated as the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

The 2020 remodeling gave the Santa Juanita park a new zip line, a dog run area, free WiFi access for schools kids, and a train, kids’ games, outdoor gym, synthetic grass court, a skatepark, a shaded area for cultural and recreational activities, picnic tables, and a virtual library. The park is a main center of cultural and civic life for surrounding neighborhoods, among them Felipe Ángeles, Revolución, and Venustiano Carranza, among others.

The Metro stations Eduardo Molina (north) and Canal del Norte (west) are about equidistant from the park area. Each is roughly a 15-minute walk away.

How to get here
  • Col 20 de Noviembre, Venustiano Carranza, 15300 CDMX


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