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Anglo Arts Centre / Anglo Library

anglo arts centre
Photo courtesy of the Anglo Arts Facebook page.
The Anglo Arts Centre and the Anglo Library are projects of The Anglo Mexican Foundation. A community arts center and an English language books collection both support the Foundation’s work in Mexico.
The Centre building and auditorium were the project of architect Felix Candela in 1962. It was extensively remodeled between 2015 and 2016.

The Anglo Mexican Foundation began in 1943 as the Anglo Mexican Cultural Institute. The objective is to strengthen ties between Great Britain and Mexico through a constant cultural exchange. For more than 70 years, the Foundation has offered classes in English, the English teacher training, and support for a wide range of cultural events.

The Anglo Library is the only British public library in Mexico. The catalog includes some 30,000 English volumes. There are also a digital library, children’s room, audio and video collections, magazines, dictionaries and encyclopedias, toy library, and computers with Internet access. Special collections include comics and graphic novels.

The library also runs a popular Book Club, plus Conversation Club, Cine Club, and Storytelling events.

The Anglo Mexican Foundation also runs the Churchill School and College, the Chain of Anglo English Language Centres, and The Anglo Centre for Professional Development and Assessment.

The San Rafael location is the frequent site of cultural and arts events, including regular Wednesday film screenings.

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Casa de Cultura San Rafael

Nearest at 0.26 kms.

Jardín del Arte Park and Art Fair

Nearest at 0.33 kms.

Museo Experimental El Eco

Nearest at 0.35 kms.


Nearest at 0.1 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC

Mukyu Ramen

Nearest at 0.4 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


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