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Rainy Day Places

Mexico City's Rainy Day Places are legion. After all, the City goes through a long - long rainy season. Every year, it runs from late May through late September.

But experienced Mexico City-goers know that the rainy season generally means afternoon showers. These run, sometimes, into the evening. And sometimes showers will last a lot longer. Even at the height of the rainiest season, the sun is going to dry things out well before the next downpour. But a whole day of rain is relatively uncommon.

When they happen, City residents head for the museums, the shopping malls, and a few other places. Below are some of the best if you find yourself really trapped by inclement weather.

While you may not want to be exploring an entirely new neighborhood on a rainy day, you can rest assured that cultural and community centers, public markets, and libraries nearly all stay firmly open. That's even on the darkest days of rain.

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