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National Library of Anthropology and History

The National Library of Anthropology and History is based on a collection that goes back to the National Museum. That institution was founded in 1825.

  • This branch of the INAH network of libraries is named for Eusebio Dávalos Hurtado (1909-1968). Dávalos was a homeopathic physician and physical anthropologist. During his tenure as head of INAH, he promoted Mexican national identity, the safeguarding of cultural heritage, and museographic modernization. He helped to build the National Museum of Anthropology, the National Museum of the Viceroyalty in Mexico State, the National Museum of Cultures, and the Caracol Museum.

The library was founded in 1888. It was moved to the National Anthropology Museum in 1939, although both library and museum would move to their present location in 1964.  The most comprehensive library in Latin America in the fields of history, anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, ethno-history, and related sciences, it’s a major resource for scholars.

Today the collection includes codices, manuscripts, 19th century newspapers, religious books, maps, architectural plans, and the testimonials of people who survived the 1910 revolution. There are also graduate theses and current research documents.

The library also restores documents and objects from library, manuscript, and photograph collections. The INAH Library frequently hosts guided tours, exhibitions, lectures, and courses.

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