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Mathias Goeritz

Werner Mathias Goeritz Brunner (1915 - 1990) was a highly regarded painter and sculptor. Born in Germany, he spent most of the 1940s in North Africa and Spain. He immigrated with his wife, photographer Marianne Gast, to Mexico in 1949.

Goeritz began teaching art history in Guadalajara in 1949. He soon was collaborating with Guadalajara architect Luis Barragán on monumental sculptures in reinforced concrete. The first of these was the Animal del Pedregal in 1951. In 1953, he presented the broadly influential Manifiesto de la Arquitectura Emocional. This was just prior to the 1953 opening of the Museo Experimental El Eco (see below).

Again in 1957, he collaborated with Barragán on the Torres de la Ciudad Satélite. None of these works, with the exception of perhaps the Animal, today seem dated to the 1950s but seem to inhabit a future time as yet undetermined.

Goeritz continued to exhibit over the course of his life. His work exerts a strong influence in both Mexican art and architecture.

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