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Iztacalco Public Markets

Iztacalco Public Markets are among the City's best-kept secrets. As one of Mexico City's smallest alcaldías, Iztacalco holds its own with places to eat Get to know the neighborhood and you'll soon learn that, in fact, there are some 15 Public Markets.

Iztacalco is densely populated, and super old. And that means neighborhood people are shopping pretty much every day. Just north of the giant Centro de Absastos in Iztapalapa, Iztacalco is also supplied fresh every day.

That means, for international visitors there's nearly always something fresh and ready. Iztacalco Public Markets are among the best places to eat even as the neighborhood is just starting to develop as an international tourist destination.

There are a couple of good markets in Iztacalco's Centro Historico. And from the west in Piedad Viaducto, all the way east to Pántitlan area, there's a lot to eat and enjoy.

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