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Iztacalco Center

The Iztacalco Center is a collection of important historical and cultural points of interest. Much more, it's also a dramatic environment and a wonderful walking area.

The seven traditional Barrios Originarios constitute the first neighborhoods of the modern, larger, Iztacalco. These are La Asunción Atenco, Los Reyes Ezquitac, Santiago Atoyac, San Miguel Amac, San Francisco Xicaltongo, Santa Cruz Atencopa, and San Sebastián Zapotla.

They can all be visited in an afternoon. Along the way, you'll find dozens of crooked cobblestoned streets. The area is rife with colonial period architecture. But even the newer constructions have a charm here. The sites listed below are all within the Iztacalco center and each includes a bit more information.

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