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Day 5 in CDMX

Day 5 of a 7-Day Mexico City Travel Itinerary

UNAM's University City is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. That's where Day 5 takes us.

Built between 1949 and 1952, better than 60 architects, engineers, and artists began the project which has never really stopped.

  • Most international guests will want to begin at the University Cultural Center. You can get there via Metrobús (Line 1) at the station of the same name (Centro Cultural Universitario)
  • The more ambitious will want to arrive via Metro Copilco, and then head south. This route, although much longer, allows for visits to the world-famous Central Library and views of the Rectory.
  • These two tower over the central campus. Las Islas (The Islands) are the central gardens and lawns of the CU. For any UNAM student, they're the setting for day to day life.
  • For those not intent on walking the University City, shorter visits are often combined with trips to Coyoacán, which we did on Day 2. The Historic Center of Tlalpan and San Ángel are also very close by.

Day 5 may just be your best day yet!

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