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Coyoacán Original Barrios

Coyoacán is famously home to many of Mexico City's most walkable and charming neighborhoods. In addition to the seven original settlements, there are another seven smaller original neighborhoods.

During the ancient period, these were mostly parts of larger entities and they were all dominated by the Coyoacán altepetl. Today, that's usually translated as the Mesoamerican equivalent of a "city-state." Coyoacán was one of the best known and most firmly established. As such, it was divided into multiple neighborhoods, smaller towns and hamlets.

As ancient Mesoamericans used no pack animals nor even wheeled vehicles, street layouts were determined by footpaths. Many of them still exist today, even dozens of generations later.

For international visitors, the result are neighborhoods of charming, crooked and uneven streets. With mature trees and the flowers this part of the city is famous for, they are some of the most iconic locations in Coyoacán. And many of them are all but unknown to outside visitors.

For an afternoon walk, or simply to get from one side to the other, the Original Barrios of Coyoacán are a safe and charming bet.

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