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Acatitla-Teotongo Area

The Acatitla-Teotongo Area is one of the big winners at the end of Cablebús Line 2. The area is ancient, among the longest continuously populated areas in the Valley of Mexico.

On the map are two of Iztapalapa's 15 Original Settlements. From north to south:

  • Santa Martha Acatitla is one of them. It's also long been one of the most famous.
  • Santiago Acahualtepec is another. It's among the least well-known, but ancient and home to a tiny, gnarly 16th-century chapel.
  • Lomas de Zaragoza is home to the new Utopia Teotongo, named for:
  • San Miguel Teotongo, just to south, and stretching all the way up the slopes of the Tetlalmanche Volcano. Teotongo is a complex, multi-cultural place. Most residents, at least historically, hail from another Teotongo far off in Oaxaca.

But here, Teotongo residents found so many ancient artifacts in their own backyards that a community museum was the only solution as to where to put them. With another museum, to the north at the Utopia in San Sebastián Tecoloxtitla (a third original settlement), the area is quickly developing into one of Iztapalapa's most interesting.

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