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Mercado Santa Martha Acatitla

mercado santa marta acatitla


The Mercado Santa Martha Acatitla is one of a couple of old Santa Martha tianguis rehoused in permanent digs. This time, the result is a thriving market that makes up the core of the old town.

When one imagines the Franciscan church and monastery, newly set atop the ancient pyramid, one has to also imagine the farmers here shipping their wares back to the City. The practice went on for centuries. At the traditional market, it’s not difficult to imagine.

This market’s just across the street from the Kiosko park. On weekends, it’ll expand to include some of the surrounding streets. One can’t help but imagine Mexican pueblitos much further afield in Hidalgo or Puebla. But this is still Mexico City.

Food is fresh. The Mercado Santa Martha Acatitla hosts a number of very good eateries. One can argue as to whether or not they’re “restaurants,” but the food is not to be passed up.

See our Guide to Fonda Eating here, if you’ve never eaten in the market. Meals are healthier, and better balanced. But you’re also supporting independent small businesses and farmers, too. It’s also better priced.

Walking around the few streets of the center of Acatitla is always a treat. But stay awhile, explore the market and you’ll feel much better about the town.

Hours: Daily, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get here
  • Esq. Benito Juárez / 5 de mayo Porfirio Díaz, Santa Martha Acatitla, 09510 CDMX


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