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Metro Acatitla

Metro Acatitla

metro acatitla station logoMetro Acatitla is the main station for the original settlement of Santa Martha Acatitla. The next Metro station, Santa Marta, is named for same ancient kingdom, but it’s a bit further down the track and technically in the Ermita Zaragoza Housing Unit.

The station logo is a stylized version of a glyph found symbolizing the Day of the Reed, from an ancient solar calendar found in the Atlas of Durán. The name, Acatitla, can be translated from the Nahuatl as “place of abundant reeds.”

Acatitla is today primarily visited for the Church and former Franciscan monastery. This was built on top of the ancient ceremonial platform and pyramid. Although it briefly housed a military barracks during the 19th century, it’s remarkably intact.

The town only became part of Iztapalapa, and thus of Mexico City, in the 20th century. The remarkable growth in population surrounded the ancient town. It retains a Mesoamerican core which is visible, and walkable.

The town center, and the neighborhood market, are just about a ten-minute walk from Metro Acatitla. Santiago Acahualtepec, another Iztapalapa original settlement, is just south of Santa Martha. The two towns are often visited together. The center (parish church) of Santiago is just about a 20-minute walk to the south and east.

How to get here
  • Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza 547, Santa Martha Acatitla, Iztapalapa, 09140 CDMX


Centro Cultural Acatitlán

Nearest at 0.47 kms.

Mercado Santa Martha Acatitla

Nearest at 0.48 kms.

Santa Martha Acatitla

Nearest at 0.56 kms.


Utopia Tecoloxtitlan / OIHFRA

One of the most attractive of the Utopia Sports and Cultural Complexes is a major scientific center too.

Mercado Las Mercedes, San Miguel Teotongo

The leading public market in lower San Miguel Teotongo.

Utopia Teotongo

A park and community center between Teotongo and two historic towns...

Cuexomatl / La Caldera Volcano

One of Mexico City's most recognizable volcanos...

Yecahuitzotl Park

The park is increasingly important as an educational space, and for astronomical observations.

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