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Milpa Alta

Milpa Alta is the second largest and most rural of all of Mexico City's 16 alcaldías. Milpa Alta also has the fewest people. Easily among the most traditional parts of the city, some 700 religious and secular festivals take place here during the course of any year.

Of interest to international visitors, many of these festivals are centered around not just colorful religious feasts, but agricultural production which include the city's most famous mole festival, and the production of nopal, barbacoa (lamb) and corn. Much of Milpa Alta's indigenous character can be attributed to its relatively long resistance to Spanish domination, and on the area's long struggle to maintain control of their land and culture.

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Today, Milpa Alta has some of the city's highest concentrations of Nahuatl speakers, and a lot of that international visitors will think it looks like the rest of Mexico. It does. And that's Mexico City, too.

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