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Zapata Monument, Cuernavaca Bikeway

zapata monument


The Zapata Monument on the Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway is one of those monuments that’s taken on new meaning, even as it’s still honored. Students of the Mexican Revolution realize that the southern extremes of Mexico City were long strongholds of the Zapatista movement. That includes here in Tlalpan, Milpa Alta, and towns in Tláhuac, and further west in Cuajimalpa.

But bicyclists heading south to Morelos are venturing into the true Zapatista heartland. In Morelos, there are dozens more Zapata monuments, equestrian and otherwise. But even in Tlalpan, a number of similar monuments receive far more accolades. This otherwise neglected monument is nevertheless usually adorned with a wreath or two.

Bicyclists know that, here, they’ve reached the limits of San Miguel Ajusco. That’s after a pleasant, if often foggy, traversal of the Mexico City Ecological Park.  The church at the town center is south-southwest from the Av. Miguel Hidalgo that crosses the bikeway here. Tres Marias, and the Morelos state line, are about an 90 minutes (29.5 kms) further.

At a major intersection, by bikeway standards anyway, it’s not unusual to see a few cyclists here. There are a couple of lunch counters and similar places to eat. The better eats are south on Miguel Hidalgo toward the central commercial district of the town.

How to get here
  • Ciclopista Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca, San Miguel Ajusco, Tlalpan, 14700 CDMX


San Miguel Ajusco

Nearest at 0.79 kms.

Santo Tomás Ajusco

Nearest at 1.45 kms.

Magdalena Petlacalco

Nearest at 1.89 kms.


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