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Tlatelolco Convention Center

The Tlatelolco Convention Center (Centro de Convenciones y Exposiciones Tlatelolco) is a meeting center and venue for hosting all sorts of exhibits and social events. In the Tlatelolco area, it’s an obligatory social and cultural reference in the city.  The center is an adaptable and all-purpose space with several halls and auditoriums with capacity for between 100 and 5,000 people. Expositions, music concerts, conferences, and exhibitions are among the long list of events have taken place there. 

Not just a venue, the Center offers an entire event planning service with a team of professionals. Most of them are working simultaneously on several scheduled events. Packages include live music, food, refreshments, bar and waiter service, light shows, DJs, and everything to support business, social or public events. It’s a surprisingly intimate venue for its size.  

In 2018, the Tlatelolco Convention Center hosted the American hip hop group, Cypress Hill. The Sunday event was packed well before the show even began. In 2019 they hosted La Sonora Dinamita, a well-known Colombian cumbia group. Auditoriums can be adapted to dance hall configurations, and in the case above, it’s still one that’s talked about. 

The Tlatelolco Convention Center is very near to the Metro Tlatelolco station and less than a kilometer from Plaza de las Tres Culturas.  

Open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., hours can be extended depending on the nature of events being planned.


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