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Teatro de las Artes

Teatro de las Artes is one of the main performance spaces on the grounds of the Centro Nacional de las Artes. With seating for up to 606 spectators, the theater can be adapted to present all kinds of acoustic and lighting conditions. It’s likely the most versatile space in the CENART complex and one of the most continuously crowded.

The theater was designed by architects Alfonso López Bas and Javier Calleja. The partners, known as Grupo LBC since 1987, worked together on multiple projects since they’d graduated from the UNAM in 1971. Most of their projects in Mexico City were homes and apartment buildings. The performance space is in the Italian style with two seating levels. Inside, there are also rehearsal rooms and scenery and set-building workshops.

The theater opened in 1994 with a performance of the opera Ildegonda. And opera has continued to be among the most often presented performances in the venue even through to today. Various productions from the CENART center have also included stage plays, dance performances, children’s productions. Festivals and conferences fill out the rest of the stage’s busy events schedule.

The grounds of the CENART campus also host the Teatro Salvador Novo and the Teatro Raúl Flores Canelo which is used especially for dance performances.


How to get here
  • Cto Interior/Avenida Río Churubusco, Col. Country Club Churubusco, Alc. Coyoacán, 04220 CDMX


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