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Galería Central

Galería Central CENART
The Central Hall building on the CENART Campus.


The Galería Central is the most important exhibition space in the National Center for the Arts (CENART). The art school for the entire country, students have been enrolled at this campus since 1994.

The Central Gallery is a 380 square meter multifaceted space for just about any type of exhibition. Natural lighting is conditioned according to the the shows and activities.

Having hosted national and international solo and group exhibitions, it one of the leading university galleries in the country. A 2015 digital exhibition brought masterworks from Leonardo, Rafael, and Caravaggio to life. The show also filled the gallery to capacity for months. More frequent are exhibitions of painting, photograph, sculpture, and illustration from the CENART school, La Esmeralda. International and national shows are also frequently hosted.

The gallery will overflow sometimes into the Galería Espacio Alterno, also on campus. Most exhibitions are hung for about two months.

The exhibition schedule is filled, nearly year round. Visitors should check the website prior to arriving.  With the main hall of the Central Building, the Galería Central is also a great introduction to just some of what’s happening on the CENART campus.

CENART is a short walk from Metro General Anaya and so is pretty close to a lot of other attractions.  

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