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Ejidal San Nicolás Totolapan Park

san nicolas totolapan
Photo courtesy of the San Nicolás Totlapan Facebook Page


Never ceasing to be a fantastically beautiful place to rent a cabin, the Parque Ejidal San Nicolás Totolapan is a frequent host to training programs, iron-man-like competitions, and plenty of outdoor adventure. It’s also totally pet friendly, and as unlike anything Mexico City as can be.

Within the greater agricultural area of San Nicolás Totolapan in the Magdalena Contreras Alcaldía the park is a natural outdoor sanctuary made up of holm oak, grasslands, sacred fir, and mixed forests. Temperatures there range between 5° and 18°C (41° and 65°F), so it’s a cool and refreshing place to escape the city.

With more than 150 km of trails, for mountain bikers or on foot, it’s a remarkable place. It’s on the western slopes of the Xitle Volcano.

The park opened in 1998, as the first natural park of its kind in the city. The name in Náhuatl means “place of birds,” and with this much forest, they are plentiful. Made-up of 2,300 hectares (nearly 5,700 acres) of temperate forest, it’s a fantastic place for cycling, hiking, camping, zip lines, horseback riding, and recreational fishing.

The multitude of cabins for rent can fill-up quickly depending on the season, so it’s best to call ahead and reserve one based on your needs. There are a full range of offerings for everyone from couples to families or larger parties, and it’s a popular events destination.


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