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Mi Mercado 24 de Febrero, Lomas Altas de Padierna, Tlalpan

Mi Mercado 24 de Febrero

The Mi Mercado 24 de febrero is a ruddy neighborhood market in Lomas de Padierna, Tlalpan. It’s mostly of interest to hungry bicyclists passing by on the Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway. That’s literally right out front. One gets a definite sense of the railway in this area with many stretches converted to public neighborhood parks.

Because it’s a Mexico City Market, you can count on the freshest food, too. Not just produce either. There are nearly always a couple of purveyors of really good lunches and breakfasts inside.

  • Flag Day! Officially established on February 24, 1934, Mexican Flag Day (Día de la Bandera) commemorates the day that Agustín de Iturbide presented the three guarantees declaring Mexican Independence. The Plan of Iguala was marked with the Flag of the Triple Guarantee with diagonal green, white, and red stripes. The flag has been modified in the two centuries since then, but the colors and Mexican independence have remained.

Mi Mercado 24 de febrero is a great last chance to stock on some supplies or to eat before leaving the City on the bikeway. If you haven’t eaten in a public market in Mexico City yet, we put together some pointers. Comida corrida, the menu del día, and other mysteries are tackled.  And you’re eating better, for less, while supporting small, independent businesses and farmers.

How to get here
  • Ferrocarril Cuernavaca esquina con Tulum, Lomas Altas de Padierna, Tlalpan, 14740 CDMX


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