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Six Flags México

Six Flags Mexico
Photo: Drkgk on Wikimedia Commons

Six Flags México is Mexico City’s biggest amusement park. The first Six Flags park to open outside the United States, it was instantly the biggest in Latin America.

The park originally opened in 1982 as Reino Aventura. Premier Parks took over in 1999 and the park reopened under the Six Flags marquee in 2000. The new name came with a greatly enhanced range of rides and attractions.

  • Both Capital Bus and TuriBus run regular excursions to the park. For international visitors in the north of the City these can be very convenient. Check their websites, or you can ask on the bus.
  • The current park line-up includes: 
    • Pueblo Mexicano (Mexican Village)
    • Villa Hollywood
    • Pueblo Francés (French Village)
    • DC Super Friends
    • Pueblo Polinesio (Polynesian Village)
    • Pueblo Vaquero (Cowboy Village)

The Six Flags México park is just west of the Bosque de Tlalpan nature reserve. Some international guests will want to combine a trip to the rest of the Bosque de Tlalpan area, or even to the Historic Center of Tlalpan.

  • From Metro Universidad, passengers can arrive to Six Flags on the “Cruz Del Farol” microbus. The trip takes about 40 minutes.
  • A better option might be the RTP bus (13-A) from Metro Miguel Ángel de Quevedo. That trip takes about 45 minutes.


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