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Parque Río San Joaquín-Legaria

Parque Río San Joaquín-Legaria.png
Foto: Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo

The Parque Río San Joaquín-Legaria is today known principally for its extensive dog-run area. This dominates the western half of the triangular park. With the northern point directed at the Glorieta de Panteón Francés, and the Panteón Francés just across the Calzada de Legaria, it’s an area replete with shade trees.

The park hosts the small scientific and tech learning center, the “Faro del Saber de Ciencia y Tecnología.” But guests arrive for the playground equipment, and for a break from the offices on the other side of the elevated Río San Joaquín highway. This side is a lot quieter.

The park is not one of the City’s better known, even in this area. Because it occupies an irregular plot of land on the already tree-lined calzada, passersby just assume it’s an extension of the avenue. Residents of the broader Colonia Deportivo Pensil might beg to differ. They’ll make up the bulk of local dog lovers. The neighborhood includes the entirety of the Panteón Francés. It extends westward from here a good 900 meters straight across. The San Joaquín Monastery is at the far end.

 This stretch of the Calzada de Legaria isn’t likely to be frequented by many out-of-towners. The opening of the new embassy of the USA, just across the highway, will probably change circumstances. The Parque Río San Joaquín-Legaria may then be even more of a leafy green resting spot.


How to get here
  • Av. Río San Joaquín/Calzada Legaria, Col. Deportivo Pensil, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo, 11470 CDMX


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