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Metro Chabacano

Metro Chabacano
 “Civilización y Cultura” by artist José de Guimarães. Photo: Juan Carlos Fonseca Mata, Wikimedia Commons.

metro chabacano logoMetro Chabacano is a major Metro transfer station in the Mid-City. It links Metro Line 2 with lines 8 and 9. The Station serves the local neighborhoods of Asturias, Vista Alegre, and southern Colonia Obrera.

In the early colonial period, the area was southern Mexico City. As it was increasingly reclaimed from the lake bottom, the rich soil was planted with fruit trees. Extensive orchards were mostly controlled by the orders through their monasteries. The apricot trees were planted with seedlings imported from China, or more likely, from the coastal areas of east Asia controlled by the Spanish. These seedlings are said to have grown particularly well. This was especially true when the Piedad River still flowed. Today, that river is entirely enclosed between the lanes of the Viaducto Miguel Aleman. A street named after the trees thus gave the station its name. That also explains the station’s logo.

Unique for a triple transfer station, all platforms at Metro Chabacano use a platform model developed in Barcelona. Exit platforms are located between two entrance platforms on either side of the track. Don’t be surprised when the opposite Metro train doors open.

  • City residents recognize the station from the 1990 movie, Total Recall, because of the multiple scenes filmed here.
  • The station is also home to three giant murals. “Civilization and Culture” (pictured above) by Portuguese artist José de Guimarães. This work was donated by the Lisbon Metro.
  • Jorge Luis Flores Manjarrez later completed two more giant murals documenting the history of Mexican rock music. These are visible in the Line 2 area of the station.

The station is convenient to the Parque El Pípila and Casa de Cultura Alfonso Reyes, just north of the station.

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