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Mercado del Carmen

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Mercado del Carmen, San Angel
Photo: Enriquesrz on Wikimedia Commons

The Mercado del Carmen is one of the newer upscale shopping complexes in the south of Mexico City. Principally known for hosting internationally-focused eateries, the complex also hosts a number of smaller shops and boutiques. In a well-known historic district, the complex has become a landmark in the area. It’s a welcome oasis for strollers, especially on weekends.

The complex is the first of a few that line the calle Amargura. An increasingly popular strolling and shopping district, it runs straight through the central San Ángel shopping and cultural district. The Centro Cultural San Ángel faces the tiny Plaza del Carmen on Avenida Revolución. Late-night theater-goers from the Centro Cultural are a steady stream at the Mercado del Carmen.

For international visitors, the Mercado is an opportunity to sample some more familiar foods. The atmosphere is pleasant and often high energy. As a nightlife destination, it’s also found its niche with locals and those in from the north of the City. If you’re in the area for the Sunday Arts Market, the Mercado also offers one of the area’s strongest brunch options.

With some 30 vendors, it’s a constantly changing atmosphere. Patrons demand a certain level of service and quality and for that, they’re in good company here.


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