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Mercado de San Andres Totoltepec

Mercado de San Andres Totoltepec
Photo: Alcaldía de Tlalpan

The Mercado De San Andres Totoltepec is likely the highest concentration of good places to eat in the town of San Andres Totoltepec. With space for bicycle parking outside, inside there are generally about 50 vendors. Among those are a few good places to sit down.

This market came about as a public initiative after land was appropriated from the Military College in 1973. At  3,904 square meters, it’s a good-sized hall. The founding of the market is still celebrated every August 28.

A Thursday tianguis in the streets of the town attracts even more merchants, usually upwards of 150. But the reason to head for the fixed market is for the fonda food and the prix-fixe menu. If you’ve not tried comida corrida, see our complete guide for some pointers.  The main thing is to eat well-cooked, lovingly prepared, and fresh food, even while you’re trying all kinds of other new things. The market will also be the most reasonably priced.

Most international visitors find Mexico City’s public markets are the freshest and most nutritious places to eat. And beyond that, they’re also fascinating microcosms of communities, peoples, and regional cuisines. The streets surrounding the Mercado De San Andres Totoltepec are generally crammed with produce stands and people selling all kinds of wares and goods. Be sure to check out the local products and you’ll be paid back for showing up.

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