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Galería RGR

Galería RGR
Photo courtesy of the Galería RGR Facebook page.

The Galería RGR has, perhaps fortuitously, found its niche. The gallery focuses on geometric abstraction, but don’t be fooled. It’s more than big and square or colorful and metal. Somehow the sizable gallery seems to punch way above its weight.

That may be because, despite all the posturing, people are still interested in the big, the colorful, the simple, and the sublime. That’s all stuff that the gallery specializes in when others mostly do not. If news mentions are any indicator, this one may seem to be steamrolling the competition.

The gallery began in Venezuela in 2012. The Mexico City location has only been open since 2018. Today they focus on contemporary international artists. These have included emerging artists as well as many of the most established. The common point of all of them has been abstractionism.

The gallery understands, in their own words, that abstract art is understood as a base that unites various artistic fields and lines of thought. The exhibition program creates critical dialogues around the production of international contemporary art. This has meant an exploration of abstraction as a base language, the mid-20th century to those who are the most innovative and multidisciplinary of our own time.

The Galería RGR has been an active international participant in multiple art fairs that draw people to Mexico City. It’s also been a good neighbor in San Miguel Chapultepec‘s burgeoning, (well, exploding), art scene. They’re also participating in the 2021 Gallery Weekend. It’s gonna be a big one!

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