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Casa Wabi

Photo courtesy of the Casa Wabi Facebook page

The Casa Wabi is a non-profit foundation operating on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca. They maintain an exhibition space there and in this Santa Maria la Ribera location. The foundation dedicates its work to promoting collaboration and social commitment through art and the experience of art. The aim of the foundation is to generate dialogue and interaction to enrich the program participants outlook on life.

The foundation began in 2014 by the artist Bosco Sodi. The name comes from the concept “Wabi-Sabi.” That is, on the acceptance of the ephemeral and the imperfect. The foundation runs two residency programs, one in Oaxaca and one in Tokyo. They also operate a program in clay work and film at the Oaxaca site.

Renowned for world-class architecture, the Oaxaca site hosts an enormous 27-hectare garden. The Santa Maria site dedicates itself showcasing the work of younger artists in Mexico City, albeit with a nod to work going on in Oaxaca. The emphasis is still on their own production processes. Dialogues supported here intentionally contribute to the local art scene. And Santa Maria la Ribera has developed tremendously since the Casa Wabi opened.

There’s also education project focused on neighborhood residents. Perhaps that’s part of the reason international visitors are usually so pleased to stroll Santa Maria la Ribera. The site is about a 7-minute walk from Metro San Cosme.

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