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Plaza de las Estrellas

Plaza de las estrellas carrusel

The Plaza de las Estrellas is a shopping complex in the Verónica Anzures neighborhood. Opened way back in 1951, it’s one of the City’s best-known and oldest shopping centers. It’s also quite likely underestimated. With some 200 retailers, most Mexico City residents would probably guess that number is much lower. It never quite feels massive. But the plaza soldiers on with numerous boutiques, service outlets, and even a few shopping surprises.

The plaza, perhaps most famously, is the site of the Paseo de las Luminarias. It’s a “Walk-of-Fame” type affair that used to honor famous people from film, television, theater, and recording. It includes their hand prints, and some related memorabilia. Today the walk also includes cartoon figures and fictional characters to try to draw the attention of potential customers. Some of the displays are arranged throughout the plaza.

The Plaza is home to a movie cinema as well as to multiple restaurants and fast food outlets. The Hotel del Prado is likely the biggest draw for international guests. With entrances on both Melchor Ocampo and Marina Nacional, the shopping center is one of the area’s most visible landmarks, especially for motorists on the Melchor Ocampo stretch of the Circuito Interior.


How to get here
  • Circuito Interior Melchor Ocampo 193, Col. Verónica Anzúres, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo, 11300 CDMX


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