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Galería Maestro Antonio Rodríguez / Jaime Torres Bodet Cultural Center

Photo: Aaha on Wikimedia Commons

The Galería Maestro Antonio Rodríguez is inside the Jaime Torres Bodet Cultural Center. Together, they’re among the most prominent places international visitors are likely to visit on the main campus of the Politecnico.

The gallery is a frequent site for exhibitions. The cultural center frequently hosts all sorts of cultural events. Many of these will include international participants along with those from the national and city academic communities.

The Politecnico is the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN). The cultural center is one of the main public buildings on the very large IPN campus in Industrial Nuevo Vallejo. The campus on the whole is called the ‘Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos.’ At about 2.1 square kilometers, most students refer to it as Zacatenco. This names comes from San Pedro Zacatenco, 43 hectares of which constitute the present IPN campus.

The campus has its own Metro station, Politecnico. For the eastern side of the campus, including the Galería Maestro Antonio Rodríguez and the Jaime Torres Bodet Cultural Center, most guests will arrive to Metro Lindavista.

Jaime Mario Torres Bodet (1902–1974) was diplomat and writer who served in cabinet of three Mexican Presidents. Born in Mexico City, he grew up on Calle Donceles. He came of age during the Mexican Revolution, and became an administrator of the National Preparatory School at only 18. He became personal secretary to José Vasconcelos just a year later. He was later prominent with a group of writers with whom he published steadily through the middle of the 20th century. Appointed Secretary of Public Education in 1943m we has later Secretary of Foreign Affairs . He returned as Secretary of Public Education in the 1960s. He was considered for the presidency during that period.

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