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Barranca de Barrilaco

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Barranca de Barrilaco

__The Barranca de Barrilaco park is a natural green area in Lomas de Chapultepec. At some ​​26.2 hectares, the park runs for approximately three kilometers from north to south. Most of the park is set aside for recreation or conservation. It’s one of the most natural areas, in part, because the topography would be difficult to develop. But also because neighbors have put considerable effort into keeping it clean and green.

The park has been threatened by some drainage and rainwater erosion problems. Parts of the very north are currently being rehabilitated. Overall though, most of its surface area is well preserved. Across from the main entrance is the Parque Peru, a much smaller city park which is currently being revived by neighbors. Both parks are beneficiaries of an activist, involved, and aspirational community. Much of the restoration and conservation work has been undertaken in cooperation with local educational and environmental organizations.

While the park includes an outdoor exercise area, and a big playground for kids, most visitors will come for the walkways. Well-paved and maintained, it’s one of the best parks for walking right into a natural and even dramatic landscape. Much of the Barranca de Barrilaco park is also accessible to those with disabilities.

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