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MASA is an architectural, design, and contemporary art gallery. It’s only sometimes headquartered on Avenida de las Palmas in Lomas de Chapultepec. The organization behind MASA is frequently to be founding hoisting the marquee all over Mexico City, and especially in and around New York in 2022.

The business centers on collectible and experimental design. But that frequently veers into the non-commercially viable, with lots of interesting results. Their roots are in art, design, and architecture and so exhibitions nearly always touch base on at least one discipline, with a toe hanging into “material culture.”

The organization began in 2019 as a collective. Héctor Esrawe, Age Salajõe, and Brian Thoreen, along
with Roberto Díaz Sesma, and Isaac Bissu, brought backgrounds in art, design and architecture. With gallerist Cristobal Riestra of contemporary art gallery OMR, and a few collectors along for the ride, things soon took off. That’s even despite the soul-crushing 2020-21 pandemic.

Early exhibitions have focused on experimental furnishings and interiors, but soon scaled up to seemingly neighborhood-sized works. Sculpture is an operable descriptor, but it’s an aesthetic of application, utility, and even practicality. Frequent collaborations with museums, both Mexican and International, have elevated the profile, and perhaps some aspirations.

Reservations are recommended as the physical site is not often open to the public.

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Loma Linda

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