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Regina & San Jerónimo

The Regina and San Jerónimo pedestrian corridors have long been streets meant for strolling. Today, they're nearly lined with eateries and popular night spots, although some very good cafes are in there too.

The listings below are intended to let you stay a little longer, and to explore a little deeper. Although there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, on Regina, you're down in with some of the city's oldest territory. Included is a house that used to be a canal traffic control tower. There's also the enormous former convent where Sor Juana, the poet and thinker, was to spend the final 27 years of her life. She moved there in the year 1669.

There are also some very important museums and cultural centers. So while you're having a drink, or sipping your coffee, check out the multiple nearby sites you can visit for free, or almost free. There's more than a few of them.

Both Regina and San Jerónimo stay open late. But then, there's a lot to see and a lot to think about. You may want to stick around.

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