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Azcapotzalco Public Markets

Azcapotzalco Public Markets are everywhere in the town, center, and surrounding neighborhoods. It's Mexico City's traditional food distribution network, and every mercado publico means you get a fantastic place to eat and somewhere authentic to explore.

Of the 18 public markets in this, the City's old northwest corner, we've put together a selection of some of the very best. Each is unique, and you can always trust that someone is cooking.

Food is fresh, and you are paying less, while eating better, and supporting smaller independent businesses and farmers. That's true almost any where you go in the city.

The Azcapotzalco public markets are many. But each is welcoming as they're all in sometimes fierce competition to feed more of you. For tips on the fonda, the antojería, and other mysteries of eating at the market, see here for a crash course.

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