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Mercado San Juan Tlilhuaca

The Mercado San Juan Tlilhuaca is the main eating and center of daily shopping for one of Azcapotzalco’s most traditional neighborhoods. San Juan Tlihuaca is a very old village with crooked, narrow streets and some of the deepest sources of legends and folklore in the northwest of the city.

  • A trip to the giant market should remind you that even with all the same basics, every public market in Mexico City is unique. That’s what makes them so fascinating.

This market is also a very good one for lunch. For international visitors, cramming yourself with street tacos and similar fare can take its toll. Eating fresher, and better prepared food for a big lunch in the afternoon comes as a game changer. If you’ve not gotten used to the fonda experience, and comida-corrida menus, we’ve put together a guide here. It basically means eating three courses for fixed price that’s lower than what you’ll find in any restaurant.

In San Juan Tlilhuaca, you also get the firsthand experience of an original, and very old neighborhood. All that while supporting local merchants and local public markets. It’s all walking distance from the remarkable Metro Aquiles Serdán.

The Mercado San Juan Tlilhuaca is one of the greats. As it’s also far off the normal tourism circuit, for smart visitors to Mexico City, it’s one of the truly remarkable places to visit.

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San Juan Tlilhuaca, Azcapotzalco

Nearest at 0.20 kms.

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