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Mercado Laminadores

mercado laminadores
Photo courtesy of the Mercado Laminadores Facebook page.

The Mercado Laminadores is a neighborhood market in the east of Azcapotzalco. The tiny neighborhood of Monte Alto has streets nearly entirely named for the positions within the steel industry. This is even more evident in the colonia Trabajadores del Hierro (literally Steel Workers), immediately east. Laminadores worked producing finished steel products on heavy rollers. (Fundidores were in the foundry, moldeadores casting poured steel, and mineros metalúrgicos extracting raw materials.)

Needless to say, these were new and modern jobs in the mid-20th century. The tiny neighborhood was likely a first home for those called to work in the burgeoning Vallejo industrial district. That history is recalled in the little public market.

A 2017 UAM study counted some 148 vendors here. Among these are a good number preparing complete meals. These are likely much fresher than one can find in other parts of the City. International visitors who might not otherwise visit the neighborhood get a fresh, authentic meal. You’re also supporting smaller businesses and even farmers.

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