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Utopia Olini

Utopia Olini came to be atop one of the playing fields of the Deportivo Francisco I. Madero within sight of the Peñón Viejo.  More specifically, the Utopia was developed what was already the area’s most famous skateboard park. Today, integrated into the Utopia, the skate park is simply outstanding. And like all of the Utopias of Iztapalapa, the park brings together sports facilities with those for cultural interaction and continuing education.

Olini, though, is all about movement. That’s the translation of the Nahuatl name. Olini is intended to carry on the tradition of Iztapalapa’s biggest sport complex. But now it hosts even more areas for dance, skating, and for professional and permanent development. Perhaps most symbolic of the complex, the 12 Geodesic Domes provide spaces for classes and workshops. The bigger domes host meetings and development seminars, as well as classes in music and dance.

The Utopia is also increasingly well-known fo:

  • Three Semi-Olympic swimming pools – with swim lessons and recreational days.
  • The area’s only Wave Pool
  • An Artificial Lake with and Open-Air Forum and Amphitheater
  • An Ice Rink, with skating lessons and hockey
  • Olympic Gymnastics facilities

All of the above evolve from the long tradition of the Deportivo sports center. Since opening in 2022, Utopia Olini has quickly grown into a meeting point for all of northeastern Iztapalapa. Lots of visitors will come from Iztacalco, just to the north, and from points east in Ciudad Neza in Mexico State. But people from everywhere are welcomed. The park is about a 20-minute walk from Metro Guelatao.

How to get here
  • Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza 1715, Cols. Ejército Constitucionalista I II y III, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09220 CDMX


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