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Casa de Cultura Tonacalli


How to get here
  • Batallón Fijo de Veracruz 45, Col. Ejército de Oriente Indeco II Issste, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09230 CDMX
  • +52 (55) 5745 2765


Metro Guelatao

Nearest at 0.59 kms.

Utopia Olini

Nearest at 0.70 kms.


Balneario Elba

The classic Mexico City balneario on the edge of Avenida Zaragoza . . .

Utopia Olini

A sports-minded Utopia, Olini is today most famous for skating and gymnastics.

Utopia La Cascada Xicotencatl

The furthest east of Iztapalapa's important Utopia Culture & Sports centers...

Peñón del Marqués (Peñón Viejo)

An old peak visited by Moctezuma still stands out in the landscape...


As much a reflection of the 20th century as anything else, Juárez's monument is a tribute to dedication & identity.

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