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Utopia La Cascada Xicotencatl

Utopia La Cascada Xicotencatl is one of the Utopia parks of Iztapalapa. Like all of them, it combines sports facilities with spaces for learning, culture, and continuing education. It’s the only Utopia to the east of the Avenida Zaragoza. A major land division, it makes the park nearly contiguous with neighboring Ciudad Neza in Mexico State.

The park is named for the colonia San Lorenzo Xicohtencatl, itself named for the Tlaxcala-based military leader. His name translates to something like “Edge of the Bumblebees.” (There’s a more complete account of the figure and his historical depiction in the article on the Parque Xicotencatl in Coyoacán.) Importantly, all of the territories here emerged on top the old communal farmlands of the pueblo Santa Martha Acatitla. The town is a bit further south on Metro Line A.

The name “la Cascada” reflects the area’s long history on the edge of the lake. The water-based activities were especially important at an older “balneario” that used to occupy the lot. (A similar private facility is still open just across the Avenida Zaragoza at the base of the Peñón Víejo.)

Utopia La Cascada is quickly gaining a reputation not just for swimming lessons in the Semi-Olympic Pool. There’s also multiple spas including some with access for the disabled. There are also:

  • Multi-purpose playing courts
  • Jogging track
  • Basketball courts
  • Boxing school
  • Music and Dance school
  • Outdoor forum & amphitheater
  • Green areas
  • Facilities for women and those in recovery.

The park is big on community gardens, including those surrounding the giant spiral walkway ramp. But more than anything, it’s focused on the local community and the needs and desires of the local people.

The park is just about a 20-minute walk North from Metro Peñón Víejo.

How to get here
  • C. Enna, Col. Zona Urbana Ejidal Santa Martha Acatitla Nte., Alc. Iztapalapa, 09140 CDMX


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