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Milpa Alta Esplanade

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The Milpa Alta Esplanade is the complex of plazas and parks in the center of the Villa Milpa Alta. As the center of local government, it’s a hub of cultural and official activity. Especially during public commemorations, such as El Grito (September 15) and during Christmas, the esplanade will have things going on.

Formerly in the atrium of the Church of the Assumption, directly north of today’s complex, the esplanade is virtually surrounded by public and cultural sites. The Museum is directly to the east. The Milpa Alta local government takes up the main building on the south of the plaza. They also occupy the historic Morelos building to the south east.

The plaza is nearly always occupied by a big tent. This is used for exhibitions and fairs. But a fair amount of sports and family activities will take place elsewhere on the grounds. Such events frequently center on the region’s culinary and agricultural traditions. These come into their own at the Market. Directly east on the Avenida Jalisco Ote, it’s a fantastic trip into some of the world’s healthiest and freshest food.

Milpa Alta is one of the treasures of Mexico City’s food scene. It’s light years away from what many people expect of Mexico City. But the Milpa Alta Esplanade is a very good place to start learning. The region, its historic people, and the landscape will welcome you.

How to get here
  • Av. Jalisco Oriente, Pueblo Villa Milpa Alta, Centro, Alc. Milpa Alta, 12000 CDMX


Guadalupe Chapel, Villa Milpa Alta

Nearest at 0.07 kms.

Villa Milpa Alta

Nearest at 0.09 kms.


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