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Metro Plaza Aragón


How to get here
  • Avenida Central, Col. Cd y Puerto, Mpo. Ecatepec de Morelos, 55130 EdoMex


Metro Ciudad Azteca

Nearest at 0.67 kms.

Metro Olímpica

Nearest at 0.86 kms.

Metro Ecatepec

Nearest at 1.60 kms.


Metro Buenavista

A side door on Santa Maria La Ribera and a destination unto itself...

Metro Guerrero

The important transfer station between Lines 3 and B, this one puts you in the middle of the neighborhood.

Metro Garibaldi / Lagunilla

Fabulous Plaza Garibaldi is here feted by a Metro station perhaps even more ornate.

Metro Lagunilla

A Metro station in the thickest part of the markets...

Metro Tepito

A Metro station in the heart of the Barrio Bravo...

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